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Dating fish line plenty

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Because the few real women who are using such sites generally skip over the average guys, (and the operators of pay dating sites know they do this,) fake profiles are used to entice men to sign up, and at the same time give them the false impression they might actually get something for their money.Sadly, this kind of fraud is hard to prove, and the legal systems in most Western countries are loath to address it.

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Real women don’t play stupid image games like this, where the flavor of the day trumps all… There was a time, however brief, when online dating actually worked.Even better still, we could all really benefit if the few good women out there would upbraid the badly-behaved women and tell them to smarten up before all men in Western countries, particularly Canada and the United States, start pulling up stakes and leaving for friendlier places.Western society is in danger of collapsing because so many women are behaving in such abysmally bad ways.In those halcyon days, there was a good chance you could actually get a date, and even meet someone worth getting to know. Before online dating came in, women had to be realistic, and couldn’t afford to be too picky, else they ran the risk of going dateless.Today, online dating makes a vast range of choices available to women, and they can filter out men who don’t meet certain very narrow criteria.Thanks to all who have posted valuable comments on the site.

I wish you all the best of luck wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Unless, of course, they’re good-looking, or have got ‘game’.

To paraphrase Amy Alkon, The Advice Goddess, if you go looking for women in grocery stores, you’d better have a game that’s good enough to charm a woman even while you’re bending over a corpse at a funeral.

Women who like Harleys and guys with tats and the whole biker ethic that goes with it (ersatz or not), are women who seem to feel that appearing ‘bad’ somehow makes them tough, or ‘special’ in some way, a cut above their peers.

It’s a perfectly normal human desire to want to be top dog from time to time, but women who behave this way are really just looking for a lifestyle that projects a certain image, and the more fashionable they think the image is, the better.

That is, they can filter in the top 5% of men – rich, good-looking, and tall, and ditch the rest.