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Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

If you first accept tracked revisions, it makes subsequent processing of text in word-processing documents much simpler.

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This post shows a join of two tables using the extension methods and classes presented in that post.Document Builder is an example class that’s part of the Power Tools for Open XML project that enables you to assemble new documents from existing documents.Document Builder fixes up interrelated markup when assembling a new document from existing documents.Because these tables are stored in Open XML documents, we can implement some simple extension methods and some classes so that we can query these tables using LINQ in a manner that is similar to querying a SQL database. I recently posted some code that allows you to use LINQ to query Excel tables.The source for these queries is the Open XML document – you don’t need to involve the Excel application to query the data in these tables.Merging multiple word processing documents into a single document is something that many people want to do.

An application built for attorneys might assemble selected standard clauses into a contract.

A convenient way to explore Open XML markup is to create a small document, modify the document slightly in the Word user interface, save it, and then compare it with the Open XML Diff utility that comes with the Open XML SDK V2.

However, Word adds extraneous elements and attributes that enable merging of two documents that have forked.

When you want to render a paragraph and its runs inside of a cell, you need to assemble the paragraph and run properties from a number of places.

This post details how we assemble styling information from table styles, the formatting directly applied to tables, paragraphs, and runs, and the global default paragraph and run properties.

This post shows how to use Document Builder in concert with content controls to control the document assembly.