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You won’t just use it for cupcakes, you’ll find it comes it handy for all sorts of recipes.We recommend this Von Shef Hand Whisk, which has an impressive 300W motor allowing you to whisk, mix and knead.

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To save you time, we have selected our recommendations for the best baking equipment for cupcakes, to accompany our favourite recipe for vanilla cupcakes.This is particularly useful if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.This electric hand whisk set includes 5 accessories meaning you can bake with ease.This is a quality set of 3 high grade stainless steel mixing bowls.The set comprises 1.6 litre, 3 litre and 5 litre bowls, all with measuring guides and pouring spouts – incredibly practical.This was really the only choice of electric hand whisk for our grandparents (maybe it was the only type you could get?! This 120W Kenwood hand mixer has 3 dedicated speeds for whisking, mixing and folding – very clever – and the stainless steel beaters are strong and durable.

To assist comfort and control, the Kenwood mixer has a moulded-handle and wrap-around cable storage, as well as thumb-operated controls for easy use.

Stunning stoneware Mason Cash measuring spoons, durable and made from chip-resistant, easy-to-clean material.

The spoons come in quarter-teaspoon, half-teaspoon, one teaspoon and one tablespoon measurements, with millilitre equivalents.

If you’ve been planning to upgrade your sieves for a while, this set of 3 quality stainless steel sieves will be right up your street.

Made from premium-grade material, and guaranteed to avoid rust, these three strainers (small, medium and large sizes) are sturdy with a quality finish. If you can put your hand on the right-sized sieve at the right time whilst baking, it can be a godsend.

Whether you are a novice baker or a master artisan, you’ll need the right kit before you start making your first batch of yummy, moist cupcakes.