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Dating dating direct sims

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The player will have three choices; the type of podium will affect the names and prices of the meals, but not the content.The cheapest choice is just a salad, the second choice is a salad followed by a plate of steak and beans, and the most expensive choice adds a dessert.

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The player can choose the meals for each individual Sim in the group while ordering, or simply choose "Chef's Choice" to automatically order what every Sim in the group would have in their thought bubble.The host will usually seat them at the nearest available table.After Sims are seated, they will autonomously read the menu, and food may appear in the thought bubble.Eventually, a waiter will pick it up and take it to the Sim(s).After the food has been eaten, a busboy will clear the empty plates and take them to the sink or dishwasher.Restaurants are a feature in The Sims 2: Nightlife and The Sims 2: Open for Business that allows community lots to have a real dining service. If Open for Business is installed, Bluewater Village also has one.

Eating at a restaurant is an alternative way to fulfill the hunger motive while on community lots. In order to have a working restaurant, a lot requires certain objects: Sims can eat at the restaurant if the player clicks the host or the podium.

Due to the way objects work in The Sims, recolors of Maxis objects are separate objects, so recolored items should not be used.

A Sim can eat at the restaurant if the player clicks a podium.

These must be in the same room as the podium(s), or Sims will not be seated. Any type of refrigerator can be used, but its quality will affect the hunger value of the food.

There should be as many stoves as there are podiums, as each podium will spawn a chef.

Sims who are on a date or outing, or in a casual group, will eat at the same table.