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Dating dating direct sims

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The food in the thought bubble indicates which food that Sim would like to eat.When the server reaches the table, the player can click on the server to order.

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The player can choose the meals for each individual Sim in the group while ordering, or simply choose "Chef's Choice" to automatically order what every Sim in the group would have in their thought bubble.Eventually, a waiter will pick it up and take it to the Sim(s).After the food has been eaten, a busboy will clear the empty plates and take them to the sink or dishwasher.Finally, there should be a sink and/or dishwasher, and a trash can and/or trash compactor.When using one of the Maxis podiums, it is best to use Maxis appliances, sinks, and seating as well, as non-Maxis objects may not be recognized.The Sim(s) will then be seated, and the order will be taken to a chef.

The chef will prepare the food and place it on a counter.

Sims who are on a date or outing, or in a casual group, will eat at the same table.

If a Sim does not have a group, he or she will eat alone.

(The podiums are frequently referred to as "the cheap podium" and "the expensive podium", rather than by name). With a cheap podium, the waiter or waitress will stand at the podium and seat diners, but an expensive podium will also spawn a maitre d', who will do this.

The Sims will need somewhere to sit, so there needs to be dining booths and/or dining tables and chairs.

Any type of stove can be used, and they don't all have to be the same.