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Paralegal dating defendant

Mager and his expert team also specialize in law firm and business development, which includes infrastructure development, attorney/firm evaluation (e.g., firm growth, revenue enhancement programs, lawyer performance, retention programs, motivational programs, individualized and group training, acquisition/mergers and due diligence, custom-tailored retreats, etc.), as well as overall financial planning/budgeting, cash flow enhancement, unique client generation techniques, lawyer and judge training and much more. Mager has also designed National/Regional Litigation Plans for large multi-billion dollar corporations which have yielded remarkable results. Over He has over 150 case summaries, articles and lectures to his credit, and has taught and lectured at law schools, Ph. He also has several book compilations to his credit and 3 motivational books.(For a detailed listing, see biography package) Extensive expertise in law firm management/growth – enhancing law firm profitability, loyalty, etc., as well as financial and infrastructure analysis, building training programs (hundreds of videos/audios already created), etc.

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Unique in the industry, with his experience with 100 law firms throughout the country, Mr.Mager, this series of live presentations with top appellate judges is also available on audiotape); Intramural Moot Court Performance Techniques (Nova Southeastern Law Center – Fall, 1992); I Appeal to Your Reading Pleasure, AFTL (Aug. Thomas Law School, Spring 1998); More Legal Aspects of Business (A series of seminars sponsored by SBA, Nov.-Dec.1998); Last Appeal: Techniques For Surviving Law School (Nova Southeastern Law Center (Fall, 1993); Legal Aspects of Business (A series of five separate seminars sponsored by SBA – Sept., Oct. 1995); Making a Major Difference (Keynote address at the United States Tennis Association); Major Marketing and Motivation (SBA Summer, 1995); Major Secrets for Successful Law School Performance (BALSA – 1991); Major Secrets for Successful Law School Performance (BALSA – 1992); Major Motivating Moot Court (Nova Law Center – 1989); Major Law Update (A compilation of tort law from Jan.-June 1995); Marketing Wizardry (SBA Sponsored) (Summer, 1995); Marketing For Success (Summer, 1995); Marketing for Tennis Professionals (U. Tennis Association Regional Convention – April, 1996); Marketing Your Law Practice (AFTL Annual Convention, Family Law Program Business Workshop – Miami 1996); Marketing Yourself through Holistic Report Writing (Broward County Nurses Association – 2005); Moot Court Success: Advanced Techniques for Successful Argument (March, 2002); Motivating Motivation (Summer, 1995); Moot Court: A Primer (Nova Southeastern Law Center – Spring, 1992); Negotiation in Mediation: A Practical Approach (Nova Southeastern Law Center – Fall, 1995) (Live and video presentation); Networking Business Strategies (Radisson Hotel – 1995); One Piece of the Pie of Success (Cardinal Gibbons Annual Sports Banquet -1995); Now-or-Never: Motivating Change In Your Life (speeches to Lauderdale Elementary Teaching Staff, and to a national teaching organization – Oct.(2016 National Business Aviation Association, Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference – June 2016), Achieving Sustained Happiness: The Secrets to Enhanced Joy in Your Life (Brandeis 2010); A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Supreme Court: The Lighter Side of World-Covered Baby Theresa Case.(Kiwanis Club – West Palm Beach); “Acing” the Marketplace – New Strategies to Increase Tennis Awareness (United States Tennis Association Regional Conference Keynote Address); Activism and the Law: The Judiciary Act of 1789 (Nova Southeastern Law Center); “Appealing” Appellate Advocacy: What the Trial Lawyer Must Know (Practice with Professionalism Seminar); Advancing Your “Appeal” – How to Handle Appeals (Video, Audio, Materials) PESI National Seminars (Held live in three occasions: Orlando, Miami, and Tampa); Appealing Appellate Practice, Practicing with Professionalism Seminar (Deerfield Beach, Jan.1996); How to Prepare a Business Plan, (Fl U Business Workshop – Jan.

1997); Florida Civil Procedure – Half Day Seminar on Florida’s Rules and Procedures, (West Publishing Bar Exam Review Course – July, 1996); Florida Civil Procedure (West Publishing Bar Review Course at University of Miami Law School, Jan.

1999); Communication – Tools and Techniques for Increased Marketing (Broward Association of Female Executives – May, 1996); Court Appeal: Successful Oral Argument (Nova Southeastern Law Center-1994); Creating and Implementing Your Business Plan (Fl U Small Business Association ­June, 1996); Deciphering the small print: Fraud and the Consumer Protection Act (Principal address at the Tower Club for the South Florida Automotive Dealers Association – 1992); Deciphering Deceptive Advertisements: Consumer Protection Law (A presentation, videotaped and distributed to a variety of public entities throughout Florida – 1990); Depositions and Hearings in Federal Court (Professionalism Seminar in Fort Laud.

March 1998); Do I Have To Tell: The Responsibility of Florida Mental Health Practitioners to Disclose When Their Patients Reveal An Intent To Harm Third Parties about their Patients (Nova Ph. D programs, 1992, 1993); Don’t Complain about the Complaint: Winning Discovery Strategies to Effectively Defend the Case (Summer 2005); Don’t Get Caught With Your Briefs Down: Traps For The Unwary Litigator (AFTL Annual Seminar, 1993); Don’t Get the Case Law Blues, AFTL Annual Legislative Case Law Update (June, 1996); Duty To Warn: Case Law Developments in Florida (for Mental Health Practitioners (Nova Ph. D Programs 1993); Dynamic Selling and Teamwork, TCG Corporate Sales Force (Spring, 1998); (Everything’s Negotiable: How To Successfully Mediate (Nova Southeastern Law Center Spring, 1993) (Live and video presentation); Fl U Business Workshop: Legal Aspects of Small Business, Marketing Your Business, Legal Aspects of Small Business, Creating and Implementing Your Business Plan (2), and ‘How to Start & Operate a Small Business (Parts 1 & II of two day program, Nov.

You Can Have What You Wish For (Stranahan High School – Spring, 1998); Discover This: Advanced Discovery Strategies – Interrogatories, Production and Admission Requests (Paralegal Association of Florida, Broward Chapter CLE Dinner, Ft.

Lauderdale, FL – October 2014 [Coral Ridge Yacht Club]); Serving Winners: Enhancing Your Professional & Personal Success (2015 USPTA World Conference, New Orleans, LA – September, 2015); All About Appeals (Paralegal Association of Florida, Broward Chapter CLE Dinner, Ft.

He also utilized his success as a jazz concert promoter to produce concert events for over a decade, bringing Award Winning Pop/Jazz bands to theaters and donating all proceeds to charity.