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There are better ways of learning how to enjoy living your life than learning how to scream.But if that's for you, then by all means, go for it.

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I'm amazed by what he does (I recently shared how he gets 1 million visitors per month), and wanted to experience his coaching in person. I wrote about the most embarrassing and painful period of my life (then I published a book about it). I've had a ton of failures, and a few huge successes, because I'm constantly trying new things. Or how I intentionally gained 40 pounds in 2015, then got into the best shape of my life in 2016. Okay, I understand we need to break through social discomfort and energize ourselves, but I don't enjoy random dudes touching me. Yes - I'd say that's more of how Tony Robbins comes across to me. I felt so alone and isolated from the rest of the "revelers". It's more like a subconscious slice of you on meth.Reply Our direction of attention the most powerful tool in this century.Attention make bigger anything you pay it ( sorry my english if you don t get it) TR always saying. In this UPW my purpose is to find out how can i find tools for all I right down and study during 4 days. I heard form one couch , that he goes UPW 11 years, and always there something NEW. Reply I have been a fan of Tony’s writing for years, so when I finally had the chance to go to his Business Mastery seminar, I jumped at the chance. My disappointment was not that his minimal business advice was so basic and underwhelming, but that his main purpose during the seminar was to sell people on his Platinum Partnership program.I urge you to make your own judgements, but my experience of this man was sigh-worthy and embarrassing disappointment at his ego-driven underhanded personal financial agenda.Reply I'm impressed with the choice of articles and titles - great way to tap into the draw of the Robbins name and guarantee readers for your promotion. I decided it would be better for me to work on my specific issues, one-on-one with a friend. Instead, I took a nice trip to the Dominican Republic and continued to listen to Tony on Tape.

Reflect upon whether you are growing, and making progress. "No growth in comfort." "Success is how much uncertainty you can deal with." "Your worst day can be your best day" "Complexity is the enemy of execution." "Have hunger that's insatiable, always expanding." It finally hit me. I thought about what I most wanted to get out of my time, and whether this event was the best use of it. I like Tony's stuff but something never quite sat well with me about these ra-ra-events.

I'm not trying to defend the event, as I've never gone, and I understand why you left. I dont regret it although i still dont feel prepared enough and it has left me financialy strapped.

🙂 Reply I fully respect your opinion and enjoyed reading it. I ended up calling a coaching program to get some help and enlightenment with some deep issues and ended up enrolled in a coaching coarse the ultimately cost me $30, 000.

However, your motivation aside, I can't disagree with much of what you have written.

Robbin's life has been dedicated to becoming a 'guru' and no one can deny his outstanding achievement in fulfilling his goals and dreams - he is without doubt one of the most successful people in this space and I doubt he would change much about his life!

¨You think you are came for ¨that¨and on the real you will get another¨. I v got my Tickets on UPW in Singapur now, I v been to London last year. By the way , thanks to UPW, i become PRANA HEALER, what was presented by STEPHEN Co , healer of TR on last day of UPW . My wife and I paid $16,000 dollars to attend a five day seminar whose main purpose was to manipulate us into spending close to ten times that amount to be part of Tony’s “exclusive” high end partnership reserved for only “select” qualified individuals.