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Orthodox jewish dating website

When I was almost 19, my neighbor from around the block was suggested to me.He was, for our circles, considered a bit older at the ripe age of 23.

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The matching up of a man and a woman for purposes of marriage) went.After giving it some thought I decided I had no valid reason to say no. A meeting was scheduled between the young man’s mother and myself. As she saw me she said: “You should know, I’m just as nervous as you”. As the conversation progressed, I relaxed and the meeting was actually nice.It was really weird to be meeting someone you know for such an intimate purpose. We talked about all kinds of stuff most of which I barely remember now.This is what I knew, this is how I grew up and this is my normal.A sit-in in our world is quite intimidating as it’s the first close contact a boy/girl has with the opposite gender as we are separated throughout our childhood.So, as I turned 18, the phones started ringing with suggestions.

If a suggestion sounded promising, my parents went ahead and made many inquiries.

It ain’t Wall Street money but it’s more than you make running errands for your Bubbie.

We only have two rules: keep it kosher and keep it funny.

As much as the Jewish world is big, it’s actually very small. Basically a good person who would make a good husband.

We quickly found some mutual acquaintances who could tell us more about the boy. We can only do our best and hope the reports we got were truthful.

With the break-up of the Soviet Union and the troubles prevalent in the Balkans there has been much renewed interest in the early history of Eastern Europe.