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A few days later I had an email from a girl whos profile said she was 19. A couple of days later she told me she had a secret.She told me she had lied about her age and that she was 16.

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Therefore I am not in any way considering enrolling for any ‘sex offender’ treatment.”Jesse Ward: “The answer is no.

I dare say that a significant portion of the US population are descendants of paedophiles and therefore we could argue that their genes are so ordered.

The US govt knew my religious inclinations so my incarceration is an act of persecution that the bible teaches is inevitable when you practice the teachings of King Jesus.”Jesse Ward: “I’ve spent the past 10 years analyzing my past, my behavior in the CP (child pornography) communities and studying everything I could to get a better understanding of how this happened.

I mean, you lose most if not all the friends you had, you lose your job in most cases, then you lose your house due to either loss of employment and or living restrictions.”Russell Guillory: “The most irrational part of the sentencing based on the laws is that the sentences for ‘non-contact offenses’ are more than not longer than the sentences of the contact offense they say a person will do.

No other offense is based on the thought that watching a crime is sentenced harder than the actual crime.”Jay Glenewinkel, convicted of receiving child pornography, serving a 17.5-year sentence at the Oakdale Federal Correctional Institution in Louisiana: “Yes, I am a sex offender, someone who is paying for the mistakes that I have made in my past.

The Feds/media treated me as if I was a horrible monster and I struggled with that for years.”"In Louisiana the registration prohibits living within so many feet of a park or going to them.