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Here's the thing – kind of makes me look sad doesn't it, but I actually have no (None, nada, zip, zilch) friends or family who actually have Foxtel. Last year I got to watch every race for zilch on FTA. There was no such luxury with F1, you either watched it live in SD, or waited for the HD replay the following night.We have been treated like second class viewers for too long.

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Assuming you watch the other channels, you buy Foxtel and still watch ads.I'm ecstatic, as my many posts today, probably reflect.And as for the I can't afford it/I won't give Murdoch anything mob.Sure you need to have some sort of trust as they would have full access to my account (theoretically they could add/remove channels). I've never had Foxtel (the mix of sports didn't suit my watching habits) before but for 2015 it's an easy decision for me. If you're stumping up for the sports package, I'd STRONGLY recommend you get the HD package for an extra $10 per month. The difference in pic quality will be enormous as it will be a native HD broadcast.But if you enter the details directly into their device (i Pad/PC/Android) then it's pretty safe. Last year I was sitting around thinking 'I wish I could pay someone to give me this in HD' (crap internet connection so that wasn't an option). Interesting that you guys had SD races on 10....Perth all the races were on One HD... One perk of living in Perth :p Anyway Im now a Foxtel subscriber. And Adelaide too, while the rest of us foamed at the mouth, telling them what heartless mongrels they were for not showing it on ONE. The really annoying thing was, the V8s were replayed in HD on the SPEED Channel, so if you didn't feel like suffering through the torture by advertising on 7, you could watch the races ad free on SPEED, it was only a matter of avoiding the news and finding out who won. Yes the Motorsport categories are Series Linkable, the same as Moto has been for the last 12 months. This is why the Australian idiot commentators got the flick.

As a longtime F1 fan, Foxtel is worth it just for this! Hope this means their full coverage including commentary !!! Let's hope that all pre and post stuff will be shown as well F1 Show, mid week report and Ted's notebook I've got all the motorsport entered in the calendar in Outlook Express but I think the Calendar on the V8 Supercar page is printable. Sky B Sky have the contract from F1 Sports Media, So if you want it that's the way it works. Last year Channel 10 where hired under contract by F1 Sports media, to transmit the Australian Race.

A total (except for the Aussie GP) of about 5 hours coverage.

From now in in brilliant HD, at least 12 hours coverage, including practice, quali and the race (ALL LIVE), plus the Red Button Extras (different camera angles etc..). High def, no ads = not happy I turned my back on FTA years ago.

Super excited 2015 is going to be a great year for High Definiton Motor Sports. "Hey mate, do you mind if I bludge Foxtel Go off of you?

The only person who won't be pleased with be my wife. ""How about Go F..k yourself...." My home internet, with its Whopping bandwidth of between 1mbps to 12mbps (depending on how hard I fart when I enter in the room), some how I think I would rather SD on an old CRT I have given my login credentials to two friends and kept the third for myself. Nothing worse than watching on channel ten, in SD, then they cut to a break, they resume the broadcast only to find out you've missed a pivotal overtaking manoeuvre or some other significant event.

He'd be texting me about something happening in the race and I'd be watching a Shannons ad! If you have an HD TV, you really are in for a voyage of discovery.