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Validating datagrid flex

You are right, those calls to the backend or asynchronous, and I am storing the references and trying to itemeditposition when I get back the result from the backend.That is when it starts behaving in very eratic way.

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If I could simply call a function for "each renderer" in response to a change event, I'd be good to go.I am trying the logic such that I use some event of text input which gets triggered when user completes editing, in that event handler, validate the component.In the itemedit End function I check whether there was any error.Note The Data Grid View control replaces and adds functionality to the Data Grid control; however, the Data Grid control is retained for both backward compatibility and future use, if you choose.For more information, see Differences Between the Windows Forms Data Grid View and Data Grid Controls.Is there any event I can use which gets fired first on itemeditor component and then the Datagrid event?

I am pasting the code below to give you a idea of what I am trying to do.

Validation that requires remoteservice call to the backend i.e.

I have 2 categories of validation for the values entered in the cell. Some simple validation like value entered cannot be null or empty b.

Some possible workarounds are: Store the reference to the cell you're validating into a variable which you can point your validation error at when the result comes back from the server.

Fetch the data from the server when the application starts so you can do the validation client-side when the cell is edited Hello , Thanks for your responses.

if error was there then execute the datagrid Event.prevent Default() so that the itemeditor does not lose focus till user enters valid characters. The user can signal his edit completed by either hitting tab or clicking the mouse in any other cell of the datagrid.