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Hugh hefner who is he dating

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And even though his health had deteriorated, he was still living a good life.He still had most of his faculties.” Recalling the first time they met nearly five decades ago, Benton, who was a UCLA student at the time, says Hefner came up to her while she was studying during a break on set.

“Then Hef asked me out again and again, and before I knew it I was holding his hand all the time.“I cried all night [when I found out],” she says of his death.“I was a basket case.” Benton met Hefner in 1968 on the set of his TV show, Benton, who married Los Angeles entrepreneur George Gradow in 1979, says she saw Hefner about six months ago.Benton says that Hefner wasn’t afraid of death, but rather “was always humorous” about it.“He wasn’t looking forward to death, but knowing he was going to die — he has the best resting place,” she says.“He came up to ask me what I was so diligently working on,” she says. He liked the fact that I was a co-ed and that I went to UCLA.

We were talking about my schooling and what I was studying, and he asked me if I would go out with him.” “The first thing he asked me was if would mind if he held my hand,” she continues.

His manner is open and direct, and his language is as clean as a Midwestern Rotarian’s.

By his own lights, having purged himself of the shame and hypocrisy that is part of most Americans’ sexual baggage, he leads a life that is exceptionally honest and moral.

The NY Times has an extensive profile and interview with Hugh Hefner, the 84 year-old Playboy found who is currently engaged to a 24 year-old Playmate.

They paint a picture of Hef as a kind of durable icon of years gone by, a living symbol of a sophisticated outlook on sex that has become almost quaint.

“He has a plot next to Marilyn Monroe, so he was looking forward to lying next to the gal who kicked off .