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Perhaps it’s our slight age difference (I’m 21, and he’s 26 and has had more sexual partners than me). I’m sorry to disappoint you, because I think you’re hoping I’ll have a perfect solution to your problem that you just haven’t thought of.

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It’s not that he doesn’t satisfy me (he’s very good, and we’re great at communicating about sex and trying new things).Part of navigating adult life is figuring out what things you are and aren’t willing to live with.If you decide you want to keep your fantastic boyfriend and also have the chance to go on a Sexual Walkabout, you will have to ask for it, and, even if he says yes, spend a lot of time discussing boundaries and hard noes and feelings. He might also be hurt by the fact that you asked for it at all, because he’s his own, separate person.But you reply and communicated the relevant information, namely that you are too old for her, and there is nothing left for you to say.You have no way of knowing who this girl’s parents are (and no way to know if it really wasa 14-year-old girl, which should be no surprise to you), and the odds of your being able to track them down and warn them to keep a closer watch on her internet activities are vanishingly small.A few weeks later we got back in touch, texting and Facebook messaging each other. Is there any way I can get back together with her, or has that ship sailed? It does mean that the odds are not good that you will be able to build a loving, healthy, mutually supportive relationship with someone who only two months ago attempted to kill herself in your home.

She needs time to focus on safeguarding her own well-being and relearning how to treat her depression with the help of a medically supervised, therapeutic support network.

I kept in contact with both her and her family as much as possible over the next few days while also studying for my exams.

After she had stabilized, I called her to break up with her. This is in no way to suggest that someone who’s depressed or suicidal shouldn’t, or doesn’t deserve to be, in a romantic relationship.

If you two are ever going to reconnect in a way that’s not just mutually codependent, it’s going to be a long time in the future.

That doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with her—you like talking to her and she could certainly use (appropriate, friendly) support from you.

You can ask him for an unfair, one-sided hall pass to sexually experiment while staying together, which he may or may not go for.