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Garance scott schuman dating

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Mr Schuman founded The Sartorialist in 2005 'with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life,' according to the site.

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In fact, Doré has been dating Schuman for two years and says he is “almost like my editor in chief.” Even though the bloggers are all pointing their cameras in the relative same direction, the outcomes are different, she maintains.During Fashion Week they’ll pop into the shows and shoot how hard the clothes can rock on the runways, too.Sometimes it’s a wide angle, sometimes a tight angle — a shoe here, a crazy glitter watermelon hat there.Her original illustrations have been featured by Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kate Spade, and Gap.Shortly after beginning her blog, Doré began incorporating writing into her posts.) handedly disproved that whole “don’t mix business with pleasure” rule.

If their seven-year relationship was lived publicly, though, its end was arguably even more so.

That's good to hear, because New York Fashion Week is coming up again...

Doré, born Mariline Fiori, was working as a freelance illustrator in France before beginning her blog, in 2006.

He was hired to do similar coverage for Condé Nast's (since been replaced by Tommy Ton of the blog Jak and Jil).

as well as work appearing in Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and Interview Magazine.

You know, we’re fine, but when you’re just freshly broken up you don’t necessarily want to sit next to your ex-girlfriend at a fashion show.” Point taken, Scott — it’s uncomfortable enough running into your ex on the street.