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We all have such strikingly different and unique vulvas that only a real jerk would even think to critique rather than celebrate your body, with or without the clitoral hood and those are the guys you should pass by anyway. There was an old HBO real sex where they went to a retreat & the leader spoke of the different types of women. She likes this rubbed but sometimes the directs my fingers much closer the the verginal opening that I would have considered 'fun spot'. Is it possible the clit is way down near the vagina? Sure wish I had something like that, if I were a woman! I've gazed upon a mile (or more) of penis over the course of my sex life but I've never seen another vulva up close and personal.She is a little difficult to bring to orgasm (about 1 in 4 attempts but improving) and orgasams are a little 'weak' and quick. I just read your comment, and mine actually happens to be in the C-6 category as well! Help me plz[/size]3 inches long and as thick as her thumb when erect, it's a pleasure house of orgasmic fun. Until I saw these images I assumed everyone's clitoral hood was like mine, more or less non-existent.

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Welcome to the original Tiny Chicks that Love Huge Dicks Website So I just eanted to know if I was FGM and my mom never told me or is a tight barely covered hood normal (and when i say tight its because its super tight i cant manipulate it a lot)! 30% Off for this Summer, use this coupon code: SUM17 Key Filehosts: Keep2Share’s traffic is now 5 GB per day (Instead of 1GB per day).I wish I could find those analogies, saw them on an old HBO Real Sex issue.But his theory was based on how close the clit was situated to the vaginal opening, of course regulating the key reason of why some women get off qucker during intercourse than others, theory...cannot get away from PIV when it is a guy, even in research! Interesting post...thats for putting this up, I'm a victim of FGM sadly they took my clitoral hood but thankfully I still have the rest.. It was sooooo long ago, I was starting to feel like a fossil....of like what happened to me one day --- I was at work and I said something about seeing an old Ed Sullivan Show, and the girl in the crowd that was together chatting, looked at me point blank with a vapid stare and said, "Who the hell is Ed Sullivan? I have been with my mew partner for about 18 months.There are several types of FGM but we wonder how many women who think they've been mutilated actually have clitorises. If a woman cannot retract her hood and expose the glans clitoris, she is still normal and can orgasm freely.

But if she can move her hood up and down, covering and uncovering her glans, then she knows what intact men feel.

Mine cannot be seen at all, total coverage like those on the bottom C-6.

It sorta feels inset too..what a guy would call an "innie" LOL?

I'm super uncomfortable with the fact my mom actually did that to me and I'm scared to get eaten out because guys might think I'm weird? I am so glad somebody else saw that HBO Real Sex special with that nature guy and all the names for the different clitoral hoods! With past partners I have had little trouble finding the clit but my neww partner is different.

I didn't even know I was circumcised until my mom told me and I've been weirded out with it ever since. Please don't let this stop you exploring your body and sexuality with partners. There is no 'bean' as such but when aroused she has a hard ridge (up and down) that seens to be in the vestibule.

I wonder if the variation in clitoral hood has something to do with response to stimulation?