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Bret michels dating

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Poison singer Bret Michaels shares a birthday with actress Eva Longoria, so he thought it fit to wish her a happy birthday -- we're just not quite sure he knows who she is. Very sexy, very cool, very together," he said, adding, "I admire her beauty. Sometimes you see someone, and then you see them in person and it's not quite the same.

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"Something to Believe In" In 1990, Poison released their third album, , a much more mature effort.After playing mostly local gigs in the Pittsburgh area, the band moved to Los Angeles. Like some of the other LA metal bands of the time, Michaels and the rest of the group teased their hair, went heavy on the make-up, and worn outlandish outfits, which led critics to label such groups as hair metal bands.Not long after their arrival, Smith was replaced by C. They were sometimes compared to Mötley Crüe, another up-and-coming LA metal band."I Won't Forget You" On the same album, their fourth single was another Top 20 hit, with "I Won't Forget You" hitting 13th and becoming the first ballad for a band that created some of the best ballads of all time.The song was about remembering someone special, even though the smart thing would be to just forget them to ease the pain.In the early 1980s, Michaels started playing in a band with longtime friend and drummer Rikki Rockett.

The two later joined forces with bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith to form the band Paris.

While Poison appears to be finished as a band, Bret Michaels has a ton of great songs from the band that he can rely on in his solo shows from here out.

Bret Michaels, born March 15, 1963, in Butler, Pennsylvania, is the lead singer in the glam-metal band Poison, whose hits include “Talk Dirty to Me” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” In 2007 Michaels emerged as a reality TV star on VH1’s Singer, songwriter, actor, television personality.

At the age of 6, Michaels was diagnosed with diabetes.

Throughout his career, he has taken insulin and measured his blood sugar levels to manage his illness.

The only problem was that he actually tweeted a photo of himself standing next to reality TV queen Kim Kardashian.