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Pattaya dating

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For more Pattaya hotel recommendations see: Pattaya’s best hotels $20-40 Pattaya’s best hotels $50 I didn’t edit the photos all that much for this set.It is pretty time consuming with getting videos edited too, as well as maintaining the new bangkok112website.

This girl in the blue really caught my eye as she walked past to order some food. If I’m just having a few beers, a polite but firm rebuke from their offer of services usually works fine. I generally find the girls to be down-to-earth, and pleasant.There are an estimated 200,000 girls working in Pattaya, the majority of which come to the city from the less wealthy rural parts of Northern Thailand, referred to as Isaan.Many of the girls come here with the hope of making their relative fortunes, much the same many young starlets head to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.Over the last couple of years some of the bars have had major investment, and it shows. The bars generally now have open fronts, and face each other so you can see almost everything going on.

There are also a few really nice looking girls around now, as the older girls are moved on. My strategy normally is to do a full walk up and down the street to get a feel for what’s going on. This bar is one of my usual places to drink, but on this night it was a bit too busy for me to sit on the front. You can always spot them a mile off because the main tour guide carries a flag for the gawking tourists to follow.

He landed flat on his back, stumbled around back into the Lisa bar, then left sheepishly holding his lower back, hope he was OK!!! They do like to be referred to as girls, and were not pushy and very pleasant to be around on this night.

The bar names don’t leave much to the imagination, with names like The Pussy Club, Horny Bar and So What! Now I need a cold shower after looking at those photos again! I’m a straight shooter, and definitely not a ladyboy lover.

The way girls shout ‘Hellooooooo’ is very distinctive here, as often they have to stand out from the crowd to get attention.

There are estimates there may be around 600 girls working here at any one time, so you have a lot of choice if you are up for it!

Sometimes walking down the street it can be a bit full-on, even for long term expats.