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Firebase is going to handle authentication and database storage for the application.

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For this app, basic email/password authentication will be used for creating and signing in users.It connects to Firebase using the "firebase App" variable, and passes in the state values for user email/password to create a new user.Authentication with Firebase is asyncronous, so the use of the "await" keyword here tells the program to temporarily exit the function until the user creation promise is returned from Firebase.This adds a basic sign up screen with email and password fields as well as some Platypus styling.To see it, the screen needs to be added to the application.Cuenca,murciano Nacimiento de Kenia, Africa Nacimiento de la India Nacimiento de la selva peruana, Nacimiento de la sierra de Peru Nacimiento de los conguitos,y diferentes nacimientos de China Nacimiento de Pleyboy Nacimiento de Republica Dominicana Nacimiento de Tanzania , Africa Nacimiento de Tela Nacimiento Mexicano Nacimiento Polaco Nacimiento Thailandes Nacimiento Vietnamita Nacimiento,espaol,murciano de J.

The goal is to create an application with: authentication (signup/login), chat room creation, and group messages within those rooms. Firebase will be used to handle authentication and database storage. And, Farid Safi's wonderful Gifted Chat component will handle the actual chat screen.

It also enables the use of "await" which will temporarilly exit the function until a given task is completed.

A quick "if statement" is used to determine that neither email or password fields are left blank, and triggers an alert to the user if they are.

Once the application is set up, navigate into the folder and use npm to install the project dependencies.

As a final bit here, duplicate "js" as a new file called "app.js" in the main directory.

Then in that folder, create "firebase Config.js" to store your Firebase project credentials.