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Auto updating twitter widget

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Additional features include the ability to use post tags as hashtags automatically, Google Analytics support, and some other minor features.

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This can be viable, but it’s also a very risky technique.Many bloggers use Word Press for their CMS, which makes sense because of how popular and robust it is.It’s easy to set up, easy to configure, and can be expanded and extended by hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins.It publishes simple messages to Twitter that can include images, and it allows you to filter what is and isn’t posted.You can customize our messages to a certain degree, but it’s still a little limited.When used properly, it’s a very beneficial platform.

You get a lot of traffic, a lot of engagement, and potentially a ton of visibility if an influencer picks you up.

You can use any of the methods I’m going to talk about below to set up posting from your blog to Twitter, but that can’t be your only interaction with Twitter.

You need to put more effort into actually using the platform if you want it to grow and if you want to get anything out of it.

It’s simple, so unless Twitter changes the way their API works, there probably isn’t a reason to change this plugin much unless the developers decide to add features. No additional features, but no additional cost, either.

Jetpack Publicize – Jetpack is popular enough that it might as well be part of the base install for Word Press.

If there’s a feature you want, you can be almost guaranteed that there’s a Word Press plugin to do it.