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Luke bracey and leighton meester dating

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I have to say the original sounds more entertaining, but that could have more to do with my age than anything else.

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As the socialite’s entourage whisks Grace, her step sister (Leighton Meester) and her best friend (Katie Cassidy) away to Monte Carlo, she becomes enthralled by the glamour and luxury of her doppelgänger’s lifestyle, which includes the courting of a charming young aristocrat. There’s nothing more noble than being true to who you are, even if you aren’t of royal blood. Monte Carlo (2011): Directed by Thomas Bezucha; running-time 1h 49mins.; starring Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers, Bad Neighbours 2), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl, Country Strong), Katie Cassidy (Arrow, Gossip Girl), Luke Bracey (The Best of Me, November Man), Corey Monteith (Glee).While at first the trip is a bit disappointing, when Grace is mistaken for socialite Cordelia Winthrop Scott, whom she just happens to look exactly like, the vacation turns into the trip of a lifetime as the three girls suddenly find themselves leading the life of luxury. The story is a wishful fantasy aimed at young women.Cordelia's many suitcases and trunks are filled with designer clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry and the girl's all get to play dress-up.Grace is a Texas-born teenager with aspirations to see the world.Working hard as a waitress, she patiently saves up enough money to travel to Paris with her co-worker, Emma.Tagging along unexpectedly is Grace's step-sister, Meg.

As the three explore Paris on a whirlwind tour bus, they find themselves left behind.

This is no classic, but it's no embarrassment either.

To celebrate graduating from high school, Grace (Gomez) takes a trip to Paris with her slightly older friend Emma.

Sure, it's very lightweight and pure fluff, but it's not trying to be anything else.

If that sounds like a cautious recommendation, it is.

Pick if: Most memorable quote: Theo: You’re different than I expected.