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However, in the interests of old fashioned romance, clients also complete a personality test and meet each other to see if there is a spark.DNA testing is just one piece of the puzzle, said Holzle."We are not creating love in a test tube.

The online matchmaking service promises to increase chances of better sex, fertility and lasting relationships with less risk of cheating.Wedekind recruited female volunteers to smell three-day-old men's t-shirts and rate the most attractive. Should you be interested in any such use of the website content, please contact us via [email protected] then analysing the DNA of both the men and women he found a clear correlation between odour attractiveness and differences in MHC. As regards the use for private purposes, it is only permitted to use a hyperlink to specific content, and to place it on your own website or a website of third parties.And it is unclear how important the selection process, designed to stop inbreeding, still is in modern society."It is still relevant is some isolated Swiss valleys where families have lived together for generations.But in large cities maybe we are talking about a mechanism that does not have much meaning," he told swissinfo."But if this website does help people to lead a happy life then I would be proud to have contributed."swissinfo, Matthew Allen Claus Wedekind's studies focused on genes that play an integral role in a part of the immune system known as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC).This is nature's way of ensuring that their children have a varied immune system.

One such study conducted a decade ago by Claus Wedekind, then a researcher at Bern University, asked people to sniff three-day-old t-shirts and rate the sexiness of the body odour.

Eric Holzle, a confirmed bachelor with dual Swiss and United States citizenship, believes this represents the future of successful human relationships.

So much so, that he set up a dating website to prove it.

"People in the high end of the market, who are willing to pay a lot of money, are the type of people who are looking for serious long-term relationships.

DNA testing is just one piece of the puzzle, said Holzle. Romance still has to be struck one-on-one and the relationship has to evolve naturally," he said.

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