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Speed dating the deep hull

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Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! Welcome to the Ship Modeler's Review List: an ambitious (perhaps futile and/or insane) attempt by various members of the model ship community to catalog and review every plastic and resin model ship kit of all time.

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This material may be redistributed for non-commercial use without explicit permission of the author(s) as long as the text is used exactly as is (except for reformatting) and the author is given full written credit for the material.I haven't tracked down all the old versions yet, (they go back to the mid 1990s!) but here are the release dates on some past versions. Datta ([email protected]) Rajen is a fellow escapee from Bell Labs.Wholesalers and retailers could also benefit from this site by buying more of the highly rated kits.This will benefit modellers as well, by getting more good kits into the hobby shops.There is no advertising, and it is available to modellers for free. Our goal is to improve the hobby of ship modelling, by making it easier to select good kits, and to provide information on how to fix some of the problematical ones.

While this is a non-commercial site, we are not anti-commercial.

Most of us actually like the model industry, and we're happy that they support our hobby.

We would even encourage the model companies to read our reviews, so that they can make better kits.

He is a pragmatic modeller, and quite fond of scratchbuilding and conversions.

Make sure you check out his web page at which has pictures of his models, and many other articles and images on Kriegsmarine and Hochseeflotte subjects.

If that weren't enough, she's also a fan of turbine cars and airliners.