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Here’s the rundown: Google has firmly denied even receiving such a demand: We’ve never received a request like this, and were we to receive it we’d challenge it in a court.[…] we are currently suing the Justice Department for the ability to disclose more information about government requests.

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One example of that is the Microsoft vs the US Department of Justice case, when Microsoft was deemed as being in contempt of court for not handing over the information requested.Two government officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the Justice Department obtained an individualized order from a judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last year. To comply, Yahoo customized an existing scanning system for all incoming email traffic, which also looks for malware, according to one of the officials and to a third person familiar with Yahoo’s response, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity.With some modifications, the system stored and made available to the Federal Bureau of Investigation a copy of any messages it found that contained the digital signature. Details of Yahoo’s cooperation with the court order come two weeks after the company reported that hackers had broken into its computer network, stealing the credentials of 500 million users.They similarly search traffic for malware and spam, which companies disclose in their terms of service.There is no engineering limitation preventing technology companies from using their spam and child pornography filtering systems to search email traffic for other sorts of digital signatures, said Hany Farid, chairman of the computer science department at Dartmouth, who helped develop the child pornography scanning system with Microsoft.Just one year earlier, an additional 6,000 accounts were shared and two years earlier an additional 9,000 accounts were shared.

While we may never know whether Yahoo did actually share any data as a result of this reported US government request, the company isn’t making the same strong public denial of being involved in secret government email scanning that its competitors are.

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A system intended to scan emails for child pornography and spam helped Yahoo satisfy a secret court order requiring it to search for messages containing a computer “signature” tied to the communications of a state-sponsored terrorist organization, several people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

But the use of that technology to carry out an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to search for a digital signature used by a foreign power is rare, and one of the officials portrayed it as innovative.“This is another example of how the government is pushing secretly novel or innovative interpretations of surveillance law” to conduct wiretapping in broader ways than the public realizes, said Jennifer Granick, the director of civil liberties at the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society.

The government has not released any intelligence court opinion explaining how the judge interpreted FISA to authorize such surveillance.

The Reuters article reported that in response to a “broad demand” from the government, Yahoo had “secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U. intelligence officials.”According to the government officials, Yahoo was served with an individualized court order to look only for code uniquely used by the foreign terrorist organization.