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Who is tom dwan dating

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It's even more rare to see him away from poker and exposing any little truth about his personal life.That's why, back in November, when we heard that he was engaged, we lost our minds.

a sweet sunset photo of the couple casually captioned with "sunset vibes." Our hearts just melted.Garbage as in who gives two hoots whether it is news or not.Let’s get serious and have some real news, such as ten feet of snow in Alaska maybe! Tom Dwan recently very often I see in the news of poker and not just poker be honest I don't give a sh1t whether tom dawn is moving to vegas or to some uninhabited North Korean village, but maybe that's just me. If it was something related to poker, and i mean the game, then thats ok.Otherwise, where he is staying or to whom he is getting married.I too like to live in las vegas, such a good city to live, always lots of fun, concerts, shows, places to visit very good restaurants and bars.

Tom Dwan, who wasn't seen a lot in the live poker scene for a long time - not cashing in a tournament for years before March even - showed up for the grand opening of a new luxury casino in Montenegro.

How many of the poker players are interested on this.

Isn’t it amazing what some people think makes news these days. I certainly know that I do not pay to read such garbage news.

While Manz was broadcasting the poker action at King of the Hill III in Pittsburgh last month, he had the opportunity to speak with Brandon Adams regarding Tom Dwan, his favorite subject.

After Adams confirmed that Dwan is not being held against his will somewhere in China, he divulged that Dwan is actually engaged and is moving to Las Vegas.

He didn't go alone either, he was accompanied by a tall blonde and very attractive woman.