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Adam lyons dating coach tv

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We both excelled at school because we found it too easy.'We wanted to our children a chance to really succeed and get lots of attention.Oliver can read, write and understand things beyond a normal school academic curriculum.'The throuple hope to get 'married' later this year and plan to have more children.

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Brooke and Adam's son Dante, two, left, and seven-year-old Oliver - her son from a previous relationship.We're setting a good example.'Adam, Jane and Brooke all live together on a large plot of land with two separate houses - one of which they use as an office and one of which Brooke uses as a home school where she plans to teach all the trio's children.Bisexual Jane says: 'We love living and working together - the family house is a one-minute walk from our office.'Adam and I can have meetings in the office and head back home for lunch with Brooke and the kids. I love coming home and getting a kiss from Brooke, Dante and Oliver! We were trying for a baby - it just felt like the right time and parenting together as a threesome is a lot of fun.'But Brooke has the primary mothering role - she looks after the children and will homeschool all the kids.'Brooke, who works part-time on Adam's company whilst being a full-time mum, says: 'Adam and I always knew I wanted to home-school our kids.Also pictured is Adam and Brooke's son Dante, two The threesome - who share a super-kingsize bed - believe the new baby, due in July, will make their family even more complete.Adam, 36, says: 'It's so sweet that we all get to parent and raise the kids together.'We have talked about it at length and we all consider ourselves parents to the children.Even so, it's important that the three of us can make a commitment to each other with our family and friends around.

Adam adds: 'We haven't got any solid plans for a wedding just yet but it's on the cards.

With three parents around, it's so doable.'With three parents, we can still have a social life, make time for one another and share the parenting tasks so you don't end up like the typical sleep-deprived mum!

With two partners, there's so much help and I'll never have to leave my kids with someone I don't trust.

Adam says: 'We are still open in our relationship and we do sleep with other people outside the thee of us but to be honest, we don't have much time anymore! We just hang out and have fun there.'With three people around, it's easy to schedule in fun activities.

We always make sure we have time to do fun things together and have weekly date nights.'Adam, Brooke and I still sleep in the same super king-size bed together - it still gets very hot and sweaty with the three of us!

Brooke explains: 'Jane and Adam still really want a daughter so we've agreed that they should definitely try for another baby.'But I would definitely love to get married to Adam and Jane.