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Good introduction lines for dating

good introduction lines for dating-69

The man's hand is raised in a gesture of good will.

Maria has her theories but no conclusive proof as to their construction.Some Lines are aligned with the winter solstice, a less spectacular but more regular, "death" and "rebirth" of the Sun God.Maria Reiche, the most famous Nazca-Researcher, prefer the astronomical theory.Reiche has led a determined effort to discredit the von Daniken theory of extraterrestrials.The strategy of this attack has been to argue that the Nazca Indians constructed the Lines relatively recently - some time between 300 BC and AD 800.Further the Nazca-line-system was used to measure the precipitation value.

Figures, especially seabirds, have a connection to the meteorological prophecy system of the Nazca-Culture.

Lines should show in direction of the rising of important stars and planetary events like sun solstices.

Formations like the spider and the monkey could show star constellations like Orion and Ursa Mayor. The direction of stars is changing within centuries because the phenomena of precession.

Later this people went in northern direction and founded Chavin and the Olmec culture.

Robert Bast from Australia has a very interesting theory.

He discovered the GGF/Mandala/Zodiac and the mirror - Formation and compares them with modern VASIS or PAPI-Signs.