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Dating woes

The question starts to nag the individual: why do I keep dating the wrong person?The theatre production , which has toured across the U. and Canada playing in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Toronto, explores what happens when relations break down in men and women partnerships, seemingly because the woman chose the wrong man.

Well duh maybe don’t make an online dating profile in the first place!While Japan does have several apps dedicated to serious dating, even they can find it difficult to filter the frivolous fish through their net.We recently chatted with “A-san”, a single, thirty something woman who’s been through the online dating mill, and she told us about five of the worst time-wasting, self-serving offenders she’s encountered through the course of over 30 in-person dating-app dates. She has no trouble poking fun at herself and past crazy antics so you can learn from her stumbles. From how to handle incessant texting and sexting to the bastard who just stopped calling, it’s the perfect guide for single gals. Between bits of no nonsense, “get real” wisdom, Sujeiry weaves in her hilarious dating stories from when she was single and looking.But online dating websites and apps seem tailor-made for adulterers, time-wasters and players to run amok unchecked, leaving those who are actually seeking a genuine connection having to wade through a sea of nonsense in order to potentially find love.

For Japan’s single women in their 30s, an extra layer of “marriage desperation” can make this search even more fraught.

“You don’t really know the other person until you live with them,” Krista says, while pointing out that the freezer is disgusting, there’s hair in the refrigerator and Lindsay has a whole shelf in her closet of her roommate’s stuff.

“She has to realize she’s not the only badass in the house,” Lindsay quips.

The irony: the play is actually written by a man, Emmanuel Seegars from North Carolina.

“I guess after my mom chose the wrong man, after my sister chose the wrong man, after my aunts chose the wrong men, I thought it would be an interesting topic to deal with that particular issue,” Seegars says, while chewing a toothpick.

Watch the preview above to see what’s going on with the rest of the ladies!