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What tips do you have for individuals and families looking to own pets without breaking the bank? Do not get breeds with known problems, such as a Dachshund with back problems. Have money saved for things like vaccinations, heartworm tests and preventive, dental cleanings before they are needed. Some policies cover more routine stuff but are more expensive, others only cover true emergencies, but most do not cover the whole bill, even if a certain procedure is covered. It can be a good thing if the consumer knows what is covered, and if it is purchased before any pre-existing conditions.

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In case your fingers are already itching to write a story about Cigarette Smoking Man bumming a smoke off John Constantine - you can't write fan fiction and you can't commingle universes.But adding an animal to the family roster can be hard on the wallet.A long list of expenses that include licenses, grooming and medical care can cost between $227 to more than $2,000 annually, depending on the type of animal.On the other hand, these policies typically do not cover routine care for pets, have deductibles in varying amounts, do not cover pre-existing conditions and generally require payment by the guardian, who then submits a claim, so that even if your claim is allowed, it will take time for reimbursement.Also, note the pre-exiting condition issue -- once you discover a condition, you are not able to get new coverage for this condition.To many of us, pets are family — only furrier, slimier and sometimes cuddlier than our human relatives.

Naturally the nearly 85 million pet parents in the U. today seek out the places where their beloved companions can enjoy the highest standard of living — hopefully at the most reasonable cost.

Beware of obesity in your pet, as it will contribute to long-lasting medical issues, which can be costly to manage (not to mention painful and uncomfortable for your pet).

With your veterinarian’s guidance, get the vaccines and preventatives that are appropriate for the geographical area and lifestyle of your pet.

With pet parents in mind, Wallet Hub’s number crunchers compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 largest U. Scroll down for the winners, expert pet advice and a full description of our methodology.

For the right reasons, pet ownership can be a personally fulfilling endeavor.

But it also can invite unforeseen challenges, especially of the financial variety.