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Moving each character down four spots, the string of letters and numbers became a website address.When he clicked the link, it took him to a page with an image of a wooden duck and another cryptic message: "WOOPS just decoys this way.

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He couldn't send an e-mail or register on a website without their permission."He's light-years ahead of us." Marcus was a good kid, dependable, hardworking, the leader of his Boy Scout troop, just a project away from Eagle Scout. "Until a point, I tried to go with the flow," he says."And then I was like, ' Aw, fuck it.' "Fuck It Day came January 7th, 2012.To make sure he was abiding, he was restricted to the living-room computer, which they could see."It was the Big-Brother-eye-over-the-shoulder thing," he says. "There was no way we could check what he was up to if he covered his tracks," his mother admits.It works by taking the alphabet and then counting down each letter based on a designated number (say, replacing letters with ones three letters down the alphabet).

When Tekk Googled Tiberius Claudius Caesar, he learned this was the fourth Roman emperor.

To Tekk, many seemed like the usual 4chan miscreants. "We just kind of figured, ' OK, we're in this together,' " Tekk says.

"And other people just weren't doing as well as we were."Splitting off from the 4chan scrum, they formed their own private IRC channel, and cherry-picked other bright solvers to join them. It consisted of about 10 like-minded 4channers around the world.

" ' And in the winter, less fishing.' " The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State As a devastating series of cyberattacks struck the heart of the national-security establishment, the Feds set out to destroy the legendary hacker and radical anarchist by any means necessary As Team #decipher knew, cryptographic mind-benders have been around for centuries.

The most legendary is the Voynich manuscript (a handwritten codex carbon-dated to the 15th century and thought to have originated in Central Europe), which cryptographers have still yet to solve.

arcus Wanner needed a little adventure in his life.