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Mystery sex chat sites

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But his life took an unexpected turn that day when a friend in robotics lab showed him a mysterious image he'd seen on 4chan."Dude, you can't be on 4chan on school computers – that's not wise! "That's like the chamber pot of the Internet."But the challenge to find what was hidden in this picture intrigued him. Someone on the IRC had heard rumors that terrorist groups encrypt secret notes in image files, ones that could be retrieved by opening the file in a different format.

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Caesar, he knew, was one of the most ancient forms of encryption, dating back to Julius Caesar, who used the cipher to safeguard military secrets.It contained a message written in a thin white font against a black background. "We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through.Good luck." It was signed "3301."For all Marcus knew, it could have been another dumb 4chan prank. With the exception of the Rubik's Cube, which he could solve in under a minute, puzzles were dull. Someone on 4chan had created an Internet Relay Chat channel where people were logging in to discuss the bizarre message."He's light-years ahead of us." Marcus was a good kid, dependable, hardworking, the leader of his Boy Scout troop, just a project away from Eagle Scout. "Until a point, I tried to go with the flow," he says."And then I was like, ' Aw, fuck it.' "Fuck It Day came January 7th, 2012.To Tekk, many seemed like the usual 4chan miscreants. "We just kind of figured, ' OK, we're in this together,' " Tekk says.

"And other people just weren't doing as well as we were."Splitting off from the 4chan scrum, they formed their own private IRC channel, and cherry-picked other bright solvers to join them. It consisted of about 10 like-minded 4channers around the world.

With one click on the IRC link, Marcus said fuck it and went inside – not knowing what or whom he'd find. This is clear when someone accidentally drops a plate nearby us and Tekk, a pasty, scruffy 18-year-old with thick black hair and glasses, whips around in a panic. "I'm still a bit twitchy."The twitchiness began January 5th, 2012.

At the time, he was just another sheltered 15-year-old nerd in suburbia, webmaster for his high school paper, and an earnestly goofy coder (one of his sites allows visitors to send virtual fruit to one another).

Moving each character down four spots, the string of letters and numbers became a website address.

When he clicked the link, it took him to a page with an image of a wooden duck and another cryptic message: "WOOPS just decoys this way.

And here you are."In 20, one of Britain's intelligence agencies, the Government Communications Headquarters, carried on Turing's tradition and posted complicated cryptographic puzzles online to attract young talent.