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Books to read while dating

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Why we love it: This inspiring book emboldens women to imagine lives free of constraints imposed on them by others, particularly religious and cultural ones.'s "Best Comix of the Year" in 2003, this graphic novel has landed at the top of multiple bestseller lists.In it, author Marjane Satrapji uses black and white images to tell the story of an intelligent, outspoken only child growing up in Iran during the time of the Shah's overthrow.

revealed a long-time crush on Haag and their love affair began.A veteran interviewer of scientists in a variety of fields, theologians from various faiths, and activists and poets, Tippett has placed those insights on life and being into narrative form.This "master class on living" inspires change and encourages the reader to live and love life on its own terms.In this New York Times bestseller, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman assert that confidence is the primary reason men have more career success than women.This practical book by the authors of Womanetics is a guide to confidence that women can use at any age or stage to achieve transformative results in their professions.bestseller is the story of a young Jewish woman who escapes the strict Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism into which she was born.

While this sect conscribed her in every area of life, including what she read, the powerful female protagonists in books by Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott (which she read secretly) helped Feldman envision a life where she controlled her own destiny.

The book provides research-backed answers to why the gender wage persists and what to do about it.

Brzezinski's stories of leaders show us how to raise our own personal bar.

The principles are based on cutting-edge research in genetics, gender, cognition, and behavior.

Why we love it: Because it shares the stories of women who've used confidence to succeed to illustrate exactly how it's done.

Gretchen Rubin tackles the question of how we change by addressing our habits.