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Who eminem dating now

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Hailie Jade Mathers Scott is hip-hop royalty thanks to her famous father, Eminem.Now a 21-year-old student at Michigan State University, she’s known the world over as the spark behind some of the rapper’s best-known songs—even performing guest vocals on a number of tracks.

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Tragedy struck again in January 2016, when her twin sister Dawn was found dead of a opiate drug overdose at age 41.“He introduced her as Kim Scott and said she needed a place to stay. Kim said she was 15 and I had no reason to doubt that.In truth, she was so cute and busty that she could have passed for 17.” It wasn’t until angry truant officers inquired about Scott’s extensive school absences that Nelson learned her actual age.Despite Eminem’s protestations that he would “rather have a baby through my penis than get married again,” they tied the knot a second time in 2006. “I sat at the end of a road where I knew that no one else but myself would get hurt,” she later revealed while speaking on 95.5 WKQI’s Mojo in the Morning. I did not even expect to make it through that, and I told [police] that I tried to do this on purpose.” FROM COINAGE: This Is How Long You’ll Have to Work to Make as Much Money as Rihanna’s Hit ‘Work’ Scott was booked on a DUI charge, for which she was ordered to pay a $900 fine, attend drug and alcohol counseling, and undergo a year-long probation.“Yes, I drank, I took pills and I hit the gas and aimed for a pole.” The crash resulted in a concussion, broken wrist and toes—but the intent was much worse. Though not romantically involved, she maintains a warm relationship with her two-time husband.Scott insisted that the situation was innocent, but her enraged husband allegedly whipped Guerra with a 9mm pistol.

Eminem was placed under arrest and Guerra filed a lawsuit.

According to Eminem, the couple first crossed paths at a house party—he was 15 and known as Marshall Mathers then, while she was just 13.

“I’m standing on top of their coffee table with my shirt off, with a Kangol on, mocking the words to LL Cool J’s ‘I’m Bad.’ And I turn around and she’s at the door smoking,” he later recalled.

“I knew that it was about me and that night I went home and I tried to commit suicide.” She slashed her wrists with razor blades in July 2000.

Around the same period, Eminem found Scott in the parking lot of a Michigan nightclub, reportedly kissing an acquaintance; the rapper, John Guerra.

“He left the peanut butter, jelly — all the s— — out and didn’t steal nothing,” Eminem recalled.