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Dating key services west

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Afterward, as historians, we both realized that we had just experienced the last hurricane at the Keys of the millennium 1,000-1999.The experience inspired making the following list of known hurricanes at the Florida Keys, from our own individual files.

On October 15, 1999, the eye of Hurricane Irene barely missed the Upper Florida Keys after days of observation.Because divers kept checking the cannon locations the effort to find the hull with its motherlode spanned 14 years.- 1640 – A Dutch fleet commanded by Cornelius Jol (called by the Spanish “Peg Leg the Pirate”) suffered a hurricane off Havana while lying in wait for the yearly treasure fleet; 4 ships of his fleet were wrecked by the storm on the Cuban shore.Hurricanes of the 1500s - 1557 – Havana, Cuba & Matanzas, 55 miles to the east were struck by a hurricane.It is probable that it also struck the Florida Keys 90 miles northward.- 1692 – On October 24th a hurricane destroyed buildings in Havana and sank a St.

Augustine supply ship near Key Biscayne; those aboard were rescued by a ship from Havana.

The first storm surge began on the eastern or Atlantic side at about a.m.

By a.m., Key West International Airport was flooded, with the runway complex inundated and the airport terminal flooded with six inches of salt water.

At a.m., Flagler Avenue east of First Street, was flooded with 1-2 ft of salt water.

Parking lots on the southeast side of Key West were flooded with 2-3 ft of salt water.

- 1588 –Havana was struck by a storm “more destructive than that of 1557.” Hurricanes of the 1600s - 1622 – On Sept. 5th another hurricane struck, while survivors of 3 ships wrecked at the Dry Tortugas were still there; the sea almost covered the islets.