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Scat dating gay

Came out earlier this week on one of the UK daytimes. Sometimes I think that it's the crazy fangurls that keep the actors and actresses hiding in their closets. all the girls were sad and upset all the boys were so happy they jumped around the place.

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But at one point you have to shrug it off and focus on the better things of life and go on with it (reinvent yourself, start something new, become pro-active) instead of remaining bitter and becoming that "stay off my lawn! He frequently mentioned his wife at the beginning of his act - which I think was to prove his heterosexuality.And there are still some idiotic straight men who don't think she's gay.As a gay man, I find the whole 'she's too pretty too be gay' argument, just as ridiculous and homophobic as the 'he's too masculine to be gay' argument.Whitney might as well just get over it and find herself a women and maybe she just won't die of an overdose.R88 sadly Rupert Everett was delusional thinking he had a major career.YET, there has been much promotion by people here at the Datalounge that Whitney just couldn't be gay; that she was so in love and even obsessed with Bobby Brown.

Puleeeeze."Scott Caan is just too masculine to be gay. I've known gay men who were as masculine as Scott Caan. I've known a lot of actors (both gay and straight) who are significantly less macho in their real lives than they appear onscreen.

It was pathetic - and pathetic that he waited so long - everyone knew.[quote][R27], how could everyone have known when she herself said she didn't realize it until just a few years ago?

She said she just admitted it to herself after being with only women for quite some time, IIRC.

Yes, NPH has done just fine, but considering no other star of a CBS show is out of the closet -- either because they're afraid or because CBS won't allow it -- it makes me wonder if Scott's personal life would suddenly become a closed subject in the press if the show takes off.

I've been thinking the same thing r85, part of me wants to go over to his IMDB board to assess the fangirl situation on there, but I also feel it's useless to fight that kind of tide because fangirls never listen to reason anyway. I mean, they also tried to link him to Piper Perabo, and ... Her own ex-husband and in laws have confirmed it, which still could leave some doubt, but is pretty damn good evidence.

A few period movies, none of which were box office hits, is not a career. He became B list, thanks to the press that his friendships with Madonna and Julia Roberts generated.