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Dating historic houses

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This plan includes four rooms per floor, with one room in each corner.Each room has a fireplace and also opens onto the center hall.

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Much structural work was necessary during the restoration, as well as the fitting of the interior with appropriate trim and detail.The purchase also included the Isaac Dayton House and a nineteenth-century Victorian, now demolished and the site of the Jaheel Brenton Counting House.Dating all the way back to 1794, this Southwest Waterfront residence has found a buyer after only one month on the market.A considerable number of houses were constructed according to this plan, and the style remained a preferred favorite over an extended period of time. It was purchased by the Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF) in 1969 and restored in 1971-72.The house is also representative of buildings constructed on a center-hall floor plan.The Ann Webber House is a two-story house with two interior chimneys and a gambrel roof.

The house is built on the five-bay plan, which was extremely popular in eighteenth-century Newport.

This may have been a period modernization, something that was done quite regularly in Newport from the late eighteenth century through the early nineteenth century.

The existing doorway was found in the basement of the house, a fact that does not necessarily mean it was ever on the house in period.

The Ann Webber House was part of a multiple purchase of four buildings.

This included the Webber House, as well as a two-story building behind it.

The details of a house's interior fabric that usually assist with its dating were non-existent when NRF purchased the Webber House in 1969.