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Which comes first courting or dating

which comes first courting or dating-4

THAI MASSAGE Want to make your beautiful lady feel special?Manicures, pedicures and hair styling will send her off the charts!

LONG WALKS Filipinas love to walk and sightsee with her man. She is proud to be with a foreign man in her own country.She loves being beautiful for the man she is with and a trip to the beauty salon is a treat for her both in giving to you and receiving for herself.However, we also think this can be embracing an idea about appearances being too important, so we prefer the Thai massage.The Filipinas will sing along and even dance with the stars on the screen. One moment they are quietly sitting on a couch and the next minute they are expertly belting out tunes that make their hearts full of happiness. THE MALL Several hours at one of the malls in the Philippines is a fun way to spend a day.From window shopping, to buying her something special, to eating and laughing in the Food Court to just sitting on a bench watching people walk by. They love clothes and shoes and make up and perfume and having a man around to enjoy it with them. Make sure to get a snack for everyone, and one T-shirt or bra on sale is a great idea and sufficient. SNACKING IN THE ROOM After a long afternoon or evening, one of the delights of a Filipina is to relax in the room with her man.She will feel spoiled and adored as she munches on seedless grapes, rolls, watermelon, cantaloupe and oranges.

Throw in some cartons of fruit juices and you will make her really smile!

Thai massages are conservative (you wear pants and shirt) and everyone has a great, relaxing time. Fill the conversation with compliments on how much you love the beauty of her homeland and let her talk for hours about her childhood growing up near the water.

THE BEACH Filipinas are proud of their natural resources. It will be one of the most intimate dates of your life, as you get to know the woman you court.

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Tatler magazine described the event as a 'riot of fun' where the Princes 'showed off their horsemanship skills on both days, which saw the chino-wearing, summer dress-clad crowd cheering on from the sidelines.

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