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When is it appropriate to kiss when dating

Ho la prima versione,i profumi di Escada che uscivano ogni anno verso l'estate come questo hanno un'atmosfera leggera e spensierata,non sono pretenziosi e sono spiccatamente fruttati.Ricordano cocktail,frutti d'acqua,ma Island kiss dopo un pò odora di shampoo.

Try Ibiza Hippie, Sexy Graffiti or Moon Sparkle if you want a little originality.I like this, but as I said, it really has little staying power on me.The other main disappointment here, I have found, is how close all of Escada's summer scents are.I don't usually like musk, but it compliments the fruitiness so well, which is why I marked it as an evening and day fragrance. Definitely a fun summer fragrance, a really optimistic spring fragrance, too. I literally could not stop leaning over and trying to figure out what it was..pineapple, coconut, but not a pina colada. I've gone through several bottles, yes, doesn't last a long time, but it's worth spraying again and again. Only some raspberry, passionfruit and some floral notes. Is this perfume much different from Escada Sunsetheat? It smells sweet, almost like candy, and the best way to describe it is that it's very alluring. too bad they discontinued it..was by far the "fruitiest" and sweetest of escada's summer line! its so good for a tropical climate like we have here in the philippines!Love it , I'm a sucker for ALL the Escada Limited ED's in this range The artwork on the bottle is very similar to the "Hed Kandi" Club/Music Label's artwork too. Love it My All time fave from this range would have to be "Ibiza Hippy" though .......that's getting damn hard to find and expensive here in the UK I bought this perfume without smelling it, just because it was in good price ... When I use this fragrance smells like a mix of fruit juice and lasts a very short time ... It's a bit difficult for me to buy Island perfume as it's discontinued in my country so can anybody tell me which perfume has similar smell to Island kiss? I think it's ideal for wearing out on a date or a fun night out. i kept the bottle for a sniff..i smell it it still reminds me of summer vacation in greek islands drinking margaritas by the pool under the palmtrees...! and thats what i love about perfumes..are like a door to the past..a memory..happiness...:-) i love this perfume so much!!! it's kinda hard to find already :( ill buy it when i see one in the store this one is a very fruity stong perfume even more than any other escada perfumes , i used to wear it and i get compliments at school !!I pick up mostly on the Mango, Raspberry, Peach, and Hibiscus. Perfect for Summer..anytime you want it to feel like Summer :) For me this one is special as its the first gift my husband gave me for Valentine's Day when we began dating. He loves peaches, and Island Kiss is just fruity flirtatious and luscious.

It's perfect for summer romance, they will be sure to have a taste when they smell this one!

Lo uso con disinvoltura per sdrammatizzare le giornate pesanti e noiose ma francamente non è tra i miei profumi preferiti. This was one of the first perfumes I owned as a teen, I wore it without exception and it was my signature fragrance, I would have repurchased a few times as well.

Then one day I could no longer find it it was discontinued and I was heart broken, I tried pacific paradise but it was not the same.

This summer Escada fragrance was inspired by Greek islands.

The fragrance was created by Philippe Romano in 2004.

:/ Why is it that any scent that has no staying power always gives me a headache?