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At the end of the contract period the funding was used to employ some of the members permanently.“A total of 30 members are permanently employed and still work in the Manenberg and Hanover Park areas daily with the metro police’s gang and drug task team.

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The dossier‚ compiled by mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith‚ sparked the investigation which may cost De Lille her job on Sunday.“Unfortunately‚ instead of being able to access funding to continue the stabilisation unit into its second year‚ Councillor Suzette Little and the mayor reduced the Expanded Public Works Project budget of the safety and security directorate by R7.9-million and also failed to provide the remaining R7 million funding‚ even though a commitment to that effect was given to the DA caucus during the finalisation of the budget‚” said Smith.He told Maimane and federal executive chairman James Selfe that two months after the unit’s disbandment‚ some communities where it had operated “were characterised by runaway gang violence”.in anticipation of nuclear new-build in the near future".Areva's attempts to cosy up to a politically connected elite to win the 2008 nuclear tender were ultimately unsuccessful, but it shows how much bidders are prepared to invest to make these connections.But De Lille denied that the stabilisation unit was disbanded.

She told Times LIVE: “The members were on a fixed-term contract for one year as part of a proof of concept.

But when the ANC sacked Mbeki in September 2008, Eskom withdrew the Nuclear 1 tender.

The parastatal later said it could not afford the deal, but the timing suggested the events were linked.

When the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in March 2011 burst the uranium bubble, Areva announced gigantic losses, writing down its Ura Min assets by more than $2-billion. Remember that Mbeki wanted South Africa to become a nuclear power." A consultant to Ura Min said there had been an assumed quid pro quo: "The deal was that Areva would buy Ura Min and get the nuclear tender in return.

This led to a French parliamentary investigation earlier this year of Areva's handling of the Ura Min takeover, which found "some malfunctioning in the company's governance and decisional process", but no clear evidence of fraud. Areva paid too much for Ura Min – it's worth half [the $2.5-billion].

It has been speculated that the Jacob Zuma faction, in control of the ANC party machine since the Polokwane conference the previous December, did not want the Mbeki-led government to dispense the patronage from such a large contract.