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Updating quickfinder indexes

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Even if you don't need to employ all the features covered in the article, it can serve as a reference for future use.[This file is also included with an automated letterhead template in the Library, here.]Note that certain other things that can be considered methods to automate your writing (e.g., custom styles, boilerplate) or tasks (e.g., shortcut keys, toolbars) are not covered in that PDF document.

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[More...] to enter a hard back tab (a.k.a., "margin release") to outdent the first line of a paragraph." Many users often mistakenly believe a template is any file they use over and over.This can lead to confusion -- especially when seeking help from advanced users, who know it is a separate file on disk.[More...] • Create a user-specified "background fill" for the page, extending to outside page margins (or at any desired printable location).[More...] • Create a fixed, user-specified line border around pages outside page margins (or at any desired printable location).It demonstrates a couple of macros for the purpose.

(You can easily copy the macro code into Word Perfect; see here for instructions.

Jump over to the second column with (the URL) in your browser's Address field to the Windows clipboard, then paste that address into Word Perfect's File, Open, File name field.

Click Open and the program should then convert it to an ordinary Word Perfect document.

[More...]• Be sure they are shortcuts (they will have a small arrow on the icon); left-click on one of them and drag it to the Word Perfect toolbar or property bar (note that the latter may be a context-sensitive bar, so it may not always be visible).

• To reposition it, just hold down the • If you want to easily print a document or an envelope to a different printer from the one normally used to print your document, then return the printer setting to the default, see this thread on Word Perfect Universe.

[Thanks to Roy "lemoto" Lewis for this tip.] [ (un-ticked) Tools, Settings, Files, "Use enhanced file dialogs".