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This is my time to shine." The actress is not only openly transgender (she was born male), but she is also the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category.

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For men, this has bought them virtually unlimited opportunity to get laid.Her body begins to wear down which affects how much energy she can devote to raising small children. Anthropologically-speaking, it wasn’t so long ago that a man (or his immediate kin) blew his entire wad of hard-earned social and material capital wooing one or two women over the course of his natural lifespan.If she has not found a suitable mate by her late 20s she will begin to notice that those powerful feelings of infatuation she felt for crushes when she was younger, perfectly created by evolution to bring a man and woman together to make babies, now seem muted and foggy. In a pre-birth control age when the first deflowering blast inside a woman often meant conception followed by years of fatherhood there were limits on just how many female sex partners the average man could accumulate in a lifetime.Economics looks at the affordability of the area, like the costs of restaurants and meals, alcoholic drinks, movie costs, taxi costs, housing costs and even haircut and salon costs.The fun and recreation category is made up of the number of attractions, coffee shops, restaurants, city walkability, nightlife options per capita and more.I do not think the current reality of endless dating can last. Either humans will evolve into different social animals capable of withstanding decades of hookups and fragmentary relationships without turning to the comforts of cats and internet porn, or those people who serially date and delay childbirth will not have enough kids and natural selection will remove them from the gene pool as a failed experiment.

MORE: Chase Goehring Earns DJ Khaled's Golden Buzzer on 'America's Got Talent' Apparently, Laverne is just as inspiring on-screen as she is off-screen and serves up some much-needed truth to one of the contestants.

“The big thing about this show and about life is that you have to hold on to your dreams — people have told me that I can not have my dreams, but you can have them,” she says in an exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday's episode before 34-year-old choreographer and dancer Oscar Hernandez performs.

“I spent years behind the scenes choreographing for different NBA and NFL dance teams making them look good, but tonight, this is about me,” Oscar says before dedicating his routine to Laverne. Getting to the live show could definitely change my life.

San Francisco took the top spot of Wallet Hub's 2017 "Best and Worst Cities for Singles," and South Burlington, Vt., took the last spot at number 182.

San Francisco, while it's the third most expensive city on the list, ranked three and four for fun and recreation and dating opportunities, respectively, so it grabbed the top spot.

The bulk of our pre-history was spent in conditions like this so it is no wonder that our brains are having trouble coping with a radically different environment where childbirth is routinely put off until the mid-30s, if at all, and rejection by a woman no longer means banishment to the icy wastelands of celibate metadeath when a man need merely walk to the other side of a bar to try again.