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Who is paige davis dating

We joke that our first date was shopping for parkas together. She really crushed him to a pulp so the last thing we both wanted was a relationship so we really started as friends.

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Being in a relationship, being happily married isn’t about the right person. It just grew and it was like well now he’s my family. She is taping her last episode today to air tomorrow. Even if we’re apart, I still wake up and choose to be his life partner. I mean, I had other people I had been really close to, women and gay men. When she at the age of 13, she found her mother’s copy of the West side story cast recording.

Coming across the music from the celebrated Broadway show, she fell in love with songs and ideas of becoming a performer. Bird Elementary School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and graduated from the Louisville Youth Performing Arts School.

But I was trying to “save my marriage” [to actor Greg Benson]. I was coming from Los Angeles at the time and he had no money so neither one of us had coats.

The first city [of the tour] was Minneapolis in the dead of winter.

In 2001, she began working as the host of the TLC cable-TV network’s redecorating television series Trading Spaces, replacing Alex Mcleod.

After Davis join the show, a number of viewers of the show rapidly increased and with no time the show became one of the most popular shows on regular cable which made Davis a star.

Co-host Mark Steines is staying on, joined by Christina Ferrare until a permanent co-host is found.