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Emma stone dating andrew

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Stone isn’t terrible as Grace, the girlfriend of an infamous crime boss (Sean Penn) who starts to have feelings for the cop (Gosling) who’s helping to bring him down.But despite the timeless nature of her appeal in most roles — you get the sense that she could have been a star in any era — she doesn’t quite convince as a noir-ish love interest.

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She has reportedly been dating writer Dave Mc Cary for several months, but they have been photographed together in New York City several times recently.She has yet to speak about him publicly, but his appearance or lack thereof on the award circuit may end up speaking volumes.Regardless of how serious she chooses to get, there's no arguing that all the pieces have fallen together perfectly.She'll be starring in the Netflix show , which is reportedly about an institutionalized man who dreams up a fantasy life in an alternate reality (by what we've managed to patch together, it seems that Stone is in that fantasy life).The show will also star Stone's old But as the old adage goes, what is success without someone special to share it with?She looks lost and flailing most of the time, forced to carry way too much of the narrative and the film’s attempts at charm.

Stone isn’t necessarily to blame — nostalgic, old-school-Hollywood-themed movie in which Stone plays an aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles to become famous and falls in love with Ryan Gosling.

This thing is junky — and it’s not Wilson’s fault he has to do so much heavy lifting, in his underwear no less.

Stone escapes with her dignity intact, barely, from the wreckage. –style breakthrough: The two movies she made with Allen were among the director’s most formulaic work.

her first film since winning her Oscar, Stone plays Billie Jean King — maybe the biggest stretch yet in a career that’s just starting to suggest how much range she really has.

We’ve seen her play straight comedy parts, wacky supporting roles and femme fatales.

Jamie Foxx and Dane De Haan, who portray the film's villains Max Dillon/Electro and Harry Osborn/Green Goblin respectively, were also at the star-studded event along with director Marc Webb and producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach.