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“Typically when someone else owes you money, you go to collect,” Baranyay told The News. Why he resorted to this, I don’t know.” Moss visited the Poole’s house on Wednesday night to confront the woman about his debt.When he realized Rachel wasn’t home from work yet, he broke in through the back door and hid inside her house, waiting.

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Behavior such as these alleged actions are not representative of the men and women who serve at Fort Bliss.The soldier contacted friends of his who were stationed at Fort Bliss.The base’s police force soon located Moss and turned him over to El Paso police.I was able to read each of their bios, which list qualifications, experience, education and a few professional references."We give them tests, we give them case studies, we do reference checks, we do interviews," Ryder said.The mom-to-be walked inside and immediately started Face Timing her husband.

Moss reportedly attacked her with a sharp stainless steel knife.

Our immediate concern is for the safety and welfare of the victim.

We are monitoring her condition and our thoughts and prayers are with her for a full and quick recovery." Justin flew back into Texas on Friday, HLN reports, and walked through the scene of the crime.

El Paso police are still fleshing out the teen’s motives. Justin allegedly let the teen borrow a car while he was away on deployment, KFOX14 reports.

Moss managed to damage the car and owed the Pooles money for vehicle repairs.

Maven was founded by Kate Ryder, who came up with the idea for the app when she was working at a venture-capital fund in London.