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Is being intimidating good or bad

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This exposure to social situations will help your brain get accustomed to them, and change your beliefs about yourself and others, thus making you more confident socially. Nevertheless, considering the role of exposure to social situations in overcoming shyness, this only keeps their problem alive.

This breed is intensely loyal to his family and doesn't like being left outside.And a major way to do this is avoiding the “traditional” jobs for shy people and instead choosing a job that gets you interacting with people.I’ve had coaching clients who worked, at least for a while, in jobs like door-to-door sales person or customer service representative, precisely because they were intimidating for them.Therefore, you should pick work where you don’t interact a lot with others.Based on this line of thinking, several career fields and jobs with minimal human interaction are recommended for shy people, such as: While it is true that the jobs above won’t involve too much social contact so you won’t find them stressful from this perspective, there is a potentially huge problem with pursuing such a job.In order to comprehend this, consider a few important ideas which, as a social confidence coach, I’ve discovered to be very accurate.

Many shy people I’ve coached were deep down very sociable and they loved interaction with people.

And they are quick to believe these are the best jobs for shy people.

I often hear shy individuals saying: “I don’t want to have to deal with others in my job. ” Well, the fact dealing with others is demanding is the very reason why you should consider a job that entails dealing with others. At one point or another, if you want to truly live your life, you need to face your fears.

But on top of that was a layer of insecurities that made them feel nervous in social situations.

However, once they managed to remove that layer, the love for social interaction became obvious.

They’re the same jobs that are best for anyone else: the jobs they have a natural inclination and passion for.