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Updating 2g iphone

Additionally, updating any app seems to work too 🙂 Just go to App Store and update 1 app or all apps (but when updating all apps, do it manually one at a time because my experiences have been that this “update all” options crashes my i Phone).

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I don’t know what to do…I did a research already but still no answers..please help me sir..Simply, connect your i Phone to your computer, go to menu bar,click on Store- […] not opening – iphone apps | Ask Meta Filter Applications will not open | i Phone and i Pad Forumsi Phone Apps Not Working!« i Phone Tip a Dayi Phone Ramble: i Phone 4 Apps Not Opening (Closing Straight Away)iphone 3g applications not opening […] Thank you, my one of game app was not responding.Well, I authorize my i Phone on two computers so the apps may have stopped working due to that. I have the first gen i Phone unlcoked for tmobile and just started getting the same thing!! Click Store and then Authorize Computer if this problem happens, then sync your phone again. Some of my third party apps stopped working suddenly.But, as you said, I simply deleted an app and re-synced my i Phone with that app back on. My Mobile Me push email however is no longer working. i just updated apps in the app store and works fine for me as well! They would flash a screen for a fraction of a second and quit. I finally managed to get them to work again easily.I’ll try the hard boot next time as well, maybe that works too. practically done everything can someone help me please THANK YOU!!! The first time was after I did the last update for picture messages.

Hi, FYI, I had the same problem and your advice worked! I was worried I would have to download everything again. Make sure i Tunes recognizes the computer you’re using as “Authorized”.

Either way thank you Koldfyre, I re-installed the Weather Channel Application and everything is back to normal… In i Tunes, select your device in the left-hand column and then click the Applications tab. Choose Store Deauthorize Computer from the menu bar. This will remove all applications and other i Tunes Store content from the device. Enter your i Tunes Store account and password, and then click Authorize.

Enter your i Tunes Store account and password, and then click Deauthorize. Sync your applications and content from i Tunes to the device.

The Next day the apps weren’t working again , so today i updated one (when i was on the ap store on my iphone) and now they’re all working again. I found too that installing a randon free app got the rest to work.

P.s When i updated them on my computer this did not work. Does anyone actually know if Apple are working on the problem as it has happened to me twice this week and it’s really annoying and looking through these posts it is not a new issue.

😦 I updated, reset, synced and still, the finger piano, nor the facebook app are working. I deleted the finger app & now Apple wants me to pay again for it. I tried reinstalling applications and resetting the IPhone and still nothing worked; i am in a different country now, can this be the reason why the applications are working. this time though i simply just syncd my phone and pc and all apps were worked again fine. Deauthorize and reauthorize your computer Before attempting these steps, transfer all i Tunes Store and App Store content on the device to your computer.