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These days the kind of stories I am hearing is that some girl has a few chats with you on facebook, maybe a few phone calls etc and a few meetings, and then she decides that the right time has come to haul you over the coals by filing a rape case against you!

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He does not mention the name of any person as one of his assistants, but knows it to be likely that in consequence of this information the police will make enquiries and institute searches in the village to the annoyance of the villages or some of them. Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! In last few months I have received calls of false rape cases, threats of such case etc for purpose of pressurizing a man into marriage, extortion and so on.Do not believe every sob story someone tries to pull on you.Women who are creating constant drama in their lives, or those who don’t have much at stake by way of own reputation or professional credibility should be even more suspect.This is like a shotgun marriage where the Indian judiciary holds the shotgun to the current ‘rapist’/future bridegroom’s head!

At the same time, there have been recent judgments including one by Supreme Court where it is ruled that every breakdown of promise of marriage cannot be turned into a rape complaint.

Many a time the police will threaten the man that he will have to face serious consequences if the case is reported and FIR taken.

In that case too, take a lawyer with you and even otherwise let the police know that there can be consequences of false case too on both complainant and those who help in filing a false case.

Unless someone was put in a cage and used as a sex slave such a thing is not possible.

By using a creative interpretation of law, some precedent has been created by judiciary where false promise of marriage has been taken to be cause enough to register a rape complaint.

Second most important thing is to remember that any crime has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.