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Ruth negga and robert sheehan dating

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“It was a day-dreamy setting; the waves, the sand and the sunsets. But then we went back to London and had to learn how to get on and how not to quarrel.Because when two people are in love, they quarrel the most because they’re probably sensitive the most to one another.” He listens back to his words and clears his throat. I think you realise after a while, that what it is, we’re both very married to our work, which after a while becomes this sort of core issue. She gets time off and hops on a plane, I get time off and hop on a plane. When I left and they carried on, all of a sudden, I got this pang of, ‘maybe I shouldn’t have done this,’ it was a really sad moment, I jumped off the train and watched it chug off into the distance, going ‘awh f***’.” It wasn’t the same with .

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“Because he’s a genuinely welcoming, lovely person. But it’s hard when you’re sitting in the back of a helicopter, with headphones on saying, ‘So Tom, what else can you fly? “But then she gets a call on Saturday saying, ‘sorry, we need you in Oxford for rehearsals’. A car picks us up, we get there, meet Tom, and they get to rehearsing.’ That little voice in your head is saying, ‘what the f***?! “Then he goes, ‘I’m flying back to London, do you want a lift?'” It didn’t even matter that Cruise had ruined Sheehan’s surprise weekend for girlfriend, rising actress Sofia Boutella, who was shooting at the time alongside the A-list star. ’ We jump in to the back of his helicopter and he takes the scenic route and gives us a tour of the country estates. And sometimes, I wish I could become less wowed by these things.” Watching his pupils flare while he periodically scratches the patch of dark whiskers on his chin, I wonder if this insecurity in such glitzy company is perhaps central to the peculiarly infectious Sheehan charm.Could this relaxed form be synchronised with his advancing age? “I’m nearly 30 for Christ’s sake,” he cries, “That crept up out of nowhere.” He launches into a spirited, uninterrupted sermon on the virtues of growing older and his attempts to aid the process with an intention to “watch every movie ever made” and a fresh live-for-the-moment, carpe diem attitude. “Because as the ancient Greeks said, ‘a healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. Either the ancient Greeks said it, or Eddie Izzard. In , she will continue the flowery theme by playing Tulip, a core character from the comics and ex-girlfriend of the main character Jesse.

Her new character has been described as "a volatile, action-packed, sexified force of nature, a capable, unrepentant criminal with a love of fashion and ability to construct helicopter-downing bazookas out of coffee cans and corn shine who’s not afraid to steal, kill or corn cob-stab her way out of a bad situation." As Tulip is a White-American in the comics, whereas Negga is of Ethopian-Irish lineage, some are already comparing her casting to that of Susan Heyward in , who presents a racially different version of her comic book character, too.

Now facing into his 30s, the Garda’s son from Portlaoise is shooting costly blockbusters: alongside Gerard Butler in forthcoming eco disaster epic Geostorm; David Tennant in crime caper Bad Samaritan, and the aforementioned Mute, alongside Alexander Skarsgard.

“Can’t tell you anything about it, but trust me, it’ll be mind-blowing,” he ensures.

’ “My agents didn’t want me to do more, they’re innately suspicious of television if it gets too long-form. It was the best of the entire show and I felt like I came to a natural end-point.” His on-screen love Rosie, played by new Hollywood It-girl Ruth Negga, had already made for pastures new in season two.

And like Sheehan, the risky move has reaped rewards. Not that I’m in the slight bit surprised, she’s a fantastic actor.

And despite a mildly confronting Russell Brandesque arrogance, and an obvious fondness for his bouncingly defiant tone, it seems Sheehan’s humility has remained relatively intact. Whichever it is, he’s friendly, sparky, and enthusiastically chatty about his latest performance in the second season of Sky Atlantic’s pleasing Arctic whodunnit, .