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Co-op supplier, The Scottish Salmon Company, recorded lice numbers that exceeded acceptable levels at six of its 10 farms, for 52 weeks.

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So what is it, and why does it make Aberdonians set fire to stuff? It’s the biggest day in the festive calendar, a celebration that makes Christmas Day seem very small indeed – and it’s like nothing else on Earth. Hogmanay is what the Scots call their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Norse invaders celebrated the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, with wild parties in late December.While the rest of the UK is generally getting back to work on the 2nd, Scotland looks like that bit at the beginning of 28 Days Later when the streets are deserted. Most Scots party, but they also observe a number of traditions.The most popular one is first-footing, where the first person to enter the house after midnight – ideally a tall, dark man – brings gifts such as food or coal.And in Kirkwall, the ‘Ba Game’ is an enormous game of street football that can last anything from four minutes to five hours and feature as many as 350 players. There’s no right way or wrong way to celebrate Hogmanay, but if you want to do what many Scots do you’ll have a nice meal with family and/or friends, plenty to drink – including whisky, of course – to toast the new year, and a steak pie for dinner the following day when you finally emerge from your bed.Don’t forget a bottle of Irn Bru, too – Scots swear by it as a hangover cure.With over 5 million Scots taking up 30,000 square miles of some of the most diverse landscape in Great Britain, Scotland is a country brimming with history and symbolism.

From the Saltire flag, kilts and tartan, bagpipes, historic castles, Whisky, Ben Nevis, Hogmany and Robert Burns, Scotland is steeped in tradition.

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Leading supermarkets have been called on to stop selling salmon reared by Scottish farms, where sea lice infestations are up to 20 times the recommended levels.

Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury's all stock salmon from the worst affected farms, as revealed in new data obtained by the Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS).

Their family get-togethers happened at Hogmanay instead.