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Fastlove dating

When Michael passed away this past December 25, a flurry of articles followed from queer men and women inspired by Michael's frankness when it came to his sexuality, what turned him on, and his views on monogamy.

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Her slowed-down rendition of 1996's "Fastlove" was emotional, of course.I'd sidle up from work, have a quick couple of beers and flash that capital charm.Those poor, sad northern ladies wouldn't know what hit them!But its forlorn tone felt off — less a tribute to Michael's spirit than a grim reflection of his irresolvable absence."Fastlove" was the second single from Michael's third solo album, — following his hit "Jesus to a Child," which, unbeknownst to the public at the time, was a tribute to his partner, who had recently died of AIDS.But who could expect a bold statement like that from the notoriously unprogressive Grammys?

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What is it they say about the best-laid plans of mice and er, Mancunians?

Problem number one was that my "few beers" after work quickly mutated into a full-on afternoon session.

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It could have been a James Bond theme, except it probably would've been rejected for being too somber and depressing.