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USDA coughed up those reports following embarrassment as the Organization for Competitive Markets and the National Dairy Producers Organization revealed the governments failure to release that info in September.

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Dairy ought to be near the top of the list among ag commodities.Sales of fat-reduced dairy products have been, and are, in the toilet. On December 6, GENYOUth is hosting a gala fundraiser in New York City. John Bobbe, the director of OFARM (an organic grain marketing co-op), details the latest troubling developments involving imports of fraudulent organic grain. This latest event follows months of scandals involving bribery of politicians, meat plant inspectors and bankers. That move will cost many Grassland producers a few hundred dollars per cow per year.Individual seats at that banquet cost from $2,500 to $15,000. Bobbe concludes that USDAs under-funded organic grain police are no match for organized crime elements in Eastern Europe and Russia that are flooding the U. USDA hastily released three years of Reports to Congress on the dairy promotion programs.That co-op receives milk from 62 Amish patrons, whose Faith dictates that they milk their cows by hand.The co-op employs 35 members of the community producing and packaging high-quality Blue and Gorgonzola cheeses.This story raises questions, including, exactly what is the American Dairy Coalition and how does that two-year old group claim to represent three-quarters of U. The EU is currently sitting on about 830 million lbs. But after 14 hours, a single driver must shut down for 10 hours. In Green County, Wisconsin, owners of Pinnacle Dairy are on the fast track to complete their 5,800-cow dairy in Sylvester Township.

At a recent state DNR meeting, owner Todd Tuls claimed to be gifted by God to be a dairy farmer.

( Recent days have witnessed dramatically higher barrel Cheddar prices, compared to 40-lb. This inverted split, coupled with CME cash market prices being lower than USDAs AMS weekly survey prices, sets the table for cash flow challenges to cheese plants that must pay their patrons the Class III (cheese) milk price dictated by USDAs federal milk orders.

Writer Nate Wilson is following the failed efforts to re-negotiate terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Too few California dairy farmers sent in their ballots on a referendum that proposes shifting the states historic milk quota program into the proposed federal milk order.

GENYOUth, in tandem with the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, ties into the Fuel Up to Play 60 promotion. Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that 3.6 million acres of U. soybeans four percent of the nations entire crop were damaged by drift from Dicamba-based heribicides. But the states top business lobby wants to ease Americas Dairyland from Wisconsin license plants after more than 70 years. These graphs originally appeared in the October 2017 bulletin of the Federal Order #32 milk marketing administrator.

Trouble is: Fuel Up to Play 60 only promotions low fat and fat-free dairy products. Iowa organic dairy farmer/processor Francis Thicke retired from his post at the National Organic Standards Board on November 2 and gave them an earful about failure to properly police the integrity of organic grain imports and U. Scandal-ridden JBS, SA the worlds largest meat slaughter operator had its two top executives jailed in Brazil. Grassland Dairy Products Wisconsins biggest private milk procurer recently informed its producers that all hauling subsidies and other premiums would be terminated.

A net shift of $750 million in the co-ops net worth.