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Creative 1st year dating anniversary gift

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How many wives get excited about their husbands not spending money on them? I was just impressed that he found a way to do something nice with out a big investment that we can’t really afford, right now. Even send him on a scavenger hunt for sentimental trinkets.

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” He was pretty impressed with the whole thing, and pulled out a beautiful bracelet he is working on making for me, using stones left from other projects.Earlier in the day, I had taken the salad, sparkling cider, Izzes, a cheese platter from Fresh & Easy, and their Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato (We had had a Chocolate Hazelnut cake at the original dinner), and put them in the small hotel fridge.I brought a table cloth, some pretty plates, and champagne flutes and made an impromptu table out of the nightstand.So I just hid the envelope by a door, and used this as the stall tactic I needed to get back to the hotel and set things up there.I made an easy and inexpensive, but sentimental dinner (Chicken Salad with grapes on pita bread), and it worked because that’s was what was served at the wedding dinner.We’ve been together since we were 18yrs old and this was my gift to him for our 23rd wedding anniversary. I absolutely love the idea of having a book made to give to my husband for Valentine’s Day. I gave my wife the book when we had just gotten into bed for the night on her birthday. I haven’t given the love book as a gift to my boyfriend yet but the book looks amazing!!

She was confused by the cover, but opened it and read every page immediately. I referred people to the site so they can check out you’re neat product. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his Valentine’s Day gift! First off the process took no time at all and I received my book early which was an added bonus!

After our pictures, I dropped BSB off at his car and gave him the envelope with the next clue and coordinates.

I quickly drove away, just to make sure he didn’t follow me.

A year and 4 months after the reunion we are happily married and have a son! Thank you for helping me make his anniversary gift a big hit!

I gave him this book for Valentine's Day and he cried, said it was the most thoughtful and sweetest gift anyone has ever given him! My wife’s book arrived sooner than the estimated delivery date and everything in the book was exactly how I put it together.

The quality is amazing and the delivery was faster than I expected.