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Cdc mandating h1n1 shot

Employees may not intend to do harm, but since the flu both seasonal and the novel H1N1, can be spread before symptoms are apparent, they can easily in one shift infect a large number of patients, other employees and families.

For influenza pandemic plans and an influenza vaccination declination form, go to the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Tools page.if the vaccine were that effective, and by the way it isn’t, would you have to make it mandatory. We tend to 0nly remember the times it does not work.Last year the CDC stated that the flu vaccine was 90% ineffective, yet still said that americans should get the vaccine! 16 out of the last 20 years, the match has been good.Give me freedom, but don’t give me the vaccinations!!! It’s your employers right and responsibility to protect the patients under their care.i am steadfastly against mandatoru flu vaccination. i am thinking that this action is to benefit the flu manufacturers and the hospitals who will not face employees absences, and NOT TO PROTECT PATIENTS AT ALL. I also believe it is a violation of my civil liberties to be forced to take a dose of medicine (immunization) against my will, and beliefs, so that I may continue to provide for my family. The patient has an expectation of improving their medical condition not complicating it be getting the flu, too. To avoid having to take this shot I would have to leave my career.Too many institutions still do not offer influenza vaccine to their employees and will not until it is mandatory.

Employees should be offered the vaccination with the option to accept or refuse.

In the CDC studies I read, people who got the 2007-08 flu shot were 44% less likely to get the flu than people who didn’t get the shot – despite the suboptimal match.

If we have 44% less flu with a bad match, and 16 out of the last 20 years were good matches, how can anyone say the vaccine is not effective?

This year, my administration has made the vaccination program a choice. Our hospitals are required to protect the patients that come here for medical care.

We need to make it as safe as our other practices with regard to giving flu to our patients.

Are mandatory measures the only sure-fire way to increase influenza vaccination rates among healthcare workers? I believe there are other methods to increase vaccination rates among healthcare workers.